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How can I run a small business from home successfully?


Some of the BEST businesses to start from home are businesses that you can start with little to no capital investment and mostly just your time. (low risk, high reward)

I’ve included below three different categories for my answer because you’ll find out QUICKLY if it’s right for you. You’ll notice that I chose not to include internet based businesses (like selling info products or advice) because I feel like the road to success is longer and less straightforward for someone who’s just starting out in business.

Freelance, everything. This isn’t just about computer work like web design, graphic design, or social media. This goes for EVERY task or set of tasks you can think of that would help somebody out (think, TaskRabbit). Babysitting, lawn mowing, house cleaning – you name it.

The best part is, you can put yourself up for hire on freelancing sites like Upwork, but also even locally on Craigslist. And, when you put yourself out there you’ll find out pretty quickly if people want what you have to offer.

Network Marketing. You can get started in most reputable programs for under $1,000. You get all the product, company support, training, and tons of resources to plug into in order to succeed. Then, all you have to do is present, enroll, and sell product. Again, super low risk, no overhead, you can do it on the weekends or part time.

SKILL BASED services. Often skill is enough to make a living providing services. The key is starting something that doesn’t require a lot of investment in equipment or tools. Today, you can rent equipment short and long term without having to commit to a big loan or expense, which makes it easier to get into certain locally based industries like carpet cleaning or pest control.

If you want to go digital (this ties into the freelance section above) often times all you need is a cheap laptop, an internet connection, and a couple hundred bucks a months in tools (like aweber, click funnels, website URL and hosting etc) to start rendering services.

In summary, these are all great ways to test your mettle in business. You’re going to have to SELL in order to get PAID no matter what you choose. If you find out you’re a terrible salesperson or it’s just not for you – you’ve lost little and learned a lot.


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