Financial Freedom

Using a Google Finance Search Tool


The business world is rapidly growing. Keeping up with the new terms and trends in this sector tends to be quite difficult. The same is happening to its sub-sectors and especially the stock market. This has become one of the most popular business trades in the world as more and more people are joining it by the day. In a bid to keep informed on the latest in this sector, many have opted to use the internet since it is the most convenient way of transferring information. Some well-known search engines have even opened up finance sectors for the same purpose. The Google finance search is one of them.

The Google finance search engine is located in the main search engine. Simply choose the ‘more’ option above the Goggle homepage and select finance. It will redirect you to the Google finance search engine. This particular search engine has been divided into five sectors that enhance the whole search process. The first one is Markets. It is one that deals with markets all over the world and their on goings. It has threes sub sectors. The first one contains articles related to the recent markets posted in order of date. The second one basically contains top stories about global markets. Lastly, the third one has categories that simply analyze the recent tend in the stock market trade.

The second main sector is News. Basically, this is a list of all the news that is happening on the ground. They have been arranged according to the company that posted them and when hey were posted, the latest coming first. The third sector is one that deals with portfolios. This sector is a sort of private account where one stores information pertaining to his or her stock investments. They have a provision for organizing the stocks, input transaction information and mutual funds. However, not everyone can access this sector. Only those with accounts are allowed to.

The fourth sector is known as the Stock Screener. This is the main search engine. It is where one looks for the information he or she needs. This is primarily information related to your stock. Here you can look for your stocks in terms of P/E ratios, 52W price change or the dividends one’s stocks have yielded. In addition to this, one can gat detailed information on the exact stock he or she is looking for. Finally, there is the Google domestic trend that contains information on how the stock market is doing at the moment.


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